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Introducing Katiana Cordoba, M.Sc

Introducing Katiana Cordoba, M.Sc



I've worked in the nutrition field for more than 20 years, but in fact, it's only now that I am witnessing the best and biggest impact on the quality of life of my clients.
Why? Because I have changed my approach thanks to a lot of research that has transformed not only me but also the lives of many people who follow a low carb or ketogenic lifestyle.
The best "diet" is the one that you can do and sustain, and my goal is that you are successful.
The most rewarding moments are those where my patients tell me how amazing they feel after they adjusted or changed their food habits.

I am 100% convinced of the power of nutrition to change your life, because it has changed mine.



Questions session | $ 60 taxes included

For customers who already have a basic knowledge of the ketogenic diet but want support on their journey.

(Duration: 30 minutes)


Individualized nutritional assessment | $ 125 taxes included

  • Weight gain and body mass measurements.
  • Establish the best method to achieve your goal.
  • Specific nutritional plan according to your needs and your characteristics.
  • Practical examples, concrete explanations and answers to your questions.
  • Support in your progress and possibilities of follow-up.

(Duration: 1h30 minutes) | (819) 635-2731

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Guylaine - July 24, 2022

Après cette rencontre de 1h30, il doit y avoir des suivis, je présume pour voir comment le corps réagit. Ma question est combien coûte ce suivi?

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