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  • Carbonaut

    Carbonaut Bread


    White We couldn’t find an appealing gluten-free, low-carb White Bread. So we made one. Carbonaut’s plant-based White Bread will show you what glute...

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  • Whisps

    Whisps Cheese Crisps


    100% ARTISANAL CHEESE: Individually oven-baked, hand crafted cheese crunch batches. Perfectly aged, containing premium ingredients and baked for t...

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  • Joseph's Bakery

    Joseph's Bakery Tortilla Wraps


    KVH-certified and parve Low carb High protein No cholesterol  INGREDIENTS water, whole wheat flour, wheat gluten, oat fibre, enriched wheat flou...

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  • Keto Geni - L'avocat du repas

    Simply Delish


    Whip up a delicious keto-friendly treat with Simply Delish Instant Pudding and Jel Dessert! 

  • Carbonaut

    Carbonaut Bagles


    This just in; Carbonaut to ground control! We have lift-off! Introducing a new addition to the keto-friendly lineup from Carbonaut; it’s Carbonaut ...

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  • Liviva

    Liviva Dry Pasta 200g


    A delicious, satisfying and healthy alternative to traditional pastas. Packed with protein and fiber, this pasta is versatile enough to use in all ...

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  • Quest Nutrition

    Quest Frosted Cookies 200g


    Introducing New Quest Frosted Cookies - soft baked cookies coated in chocolate. These bite sized treats offer both the macros and indulgence consum...

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  • Quest Nutrition

    Quest Nutrition Tortilla Chips


    Quest Nutrition is on a mission to make the foods you crave work for you not against you. Ingredients   Nacho, 8/box Tortilla Style Protein Chip...

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  • good to go

    Good To Go Bites 100g

    Sold out

    INGREDIENTS Good to Go Herb & Garlic Savoury Nut & Seed Bites, 100g Pumpkin seeds*, sunflower seeds*, almonds*, cashews*, hemp seeds*, sea...

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  • Keto Geni - L'avocat du repas

    Eve's Crackers

    from $6.59

    Keto, gluten free and vegan. These crackers were made to coexist with almost everyone. Black Sesame 108g Water, brown Canadian flaxseeds, chia seed...

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  • No Sugar Company

    No Sugar Company Keto Krax 245g


    Dark Chocolatey Mint & Almond 2g Net carbs = 22g Carbohydrates – 8g Fibre – 12g Erythritol Ingredients: Healthy fats blend (*RSPO Certified Sus...

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  • HOP

    HOP Heart of Palm Pasta

    Sold out

    HOP is a pasta made completely from hearts of palm! It is entirely plant based and is KETO friendly, low carb, gluten free AND low in calories. Sim...

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  • ShrewdFood

    Shrewdfood Buffalo Ranch Puff Single

    Original Price $3.49
    Current Price $2.35
    Save 33%

    Keto Friendly . Low Carb . High Protein . Gluten Free Shrewd Food Protein Puffs are the perfect way to keep your carbs low but still satisfy your c...

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  • La Tortilla Factory

    La Tortilla Factory Whole Wheat

    from $6.49

    Tired of your tortillas falling apart? Us, too! This is why we trust La Tortilla Factory for all our tortilla needs. These large keto-friendly tort...

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  • KetoGeni

    Quest Nutrition Cookies


    From Quest Bars to Protein Cookies, we're known for making great tasting snacks with nutritional integrity. Every Quest Protein Cookie has 15g o...

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