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Our Story

Founded in October 2020 and based in Gatineau Québec. Keto Geni is focused on creating your #1 Keto destination in the region. Our core values are dependability, great customer service and uniqueness.

We strive to help and guide you to achieve the best version of yourself.  Whether it's with recipes, coffee, shakes, supplements, pre-packaged meals, meal plans with the top Keto expert in the region of Gatineau Katiana Cordoba, a Training plan, or simply guidance, Keto Geni connects all of these in one destination. Bringing you a simpler and more time effective way of creating the ultimate life altering shopping experience.

We, the founders, are all Keto clients. When we started implementing keto products in our day to day meal plan, we quickly realized that shopping for these products was not all that simple. We had to navigate one grocery store after the other to buy all that we required. It was very time consuming.

However, when we started to see the results and how this day to day change made us feel, we were true believers that Keto was the way to go. And this for all types of people, whether you're diabetic, have fibromyalgia, wanting to lose weight, cut back on sugar or simply keeping in shape, Keto was the solution for us.

Then something beautiful happened...Questions were raised “How many people have embarked on this lifestyle?”, “How can we communicate this information to others like us?”, “Is there an easier way to shop?” and so many more.

That’s when we realized after much research that more and more people were setting sail on the Keto experience and not looking back. However much of their experience was very similar to ours with limited resources in our region.

At that point we knew what we needed to do…Create a destination tailored to all Keto needs.

Thus, welcoming you to Keto Geni!

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.


The Keto Geni Family