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KetoPlex MCT Collagen

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MCT COLLAGEN+™ from KetoPlex® delivers the perfect combination of ketogenic nutrition including:

  1. Exclusive evidence-based macronutrient profile engineered to stimulate and sustain a ketogenic fat burning state
  2. 8,250 mg BodyMatrix-3kD™ full-spectrum collagen peptides
  3. 13,500 mg C8 & C10 MCTs from rapidMCT™
  4. 4,000 grams of FibreGum® prebiotic fibre for optimal microbiome health. 
  5. PLUS added potassium and sodium in an optimal ratios and designed to eliminate keto flu symptoms associated with loss of these critical minerals
IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER - You actually need to INCREASE sodium levels when living keto.  This is contrary to popular belief but is absolutely ESSENTIAL due to high excretion levels of sodium and potassium naturally caused by a ketogenic lifestyle.  BOTTOM LINE - Load up on these key minerals and DO NOT be shy with the sodium!

Remember to keep MCT COLLAGEN+ on you when on the go to ensure you always have access to the perfect macronutrient keto code shown below!  MCT COLLAGEN+ is the smart nutritional solution engineered to promote and sustain ketosis for people on the go!