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Le Grand Livre Du Jeune

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Why fast?

You want to lose weight, optimize your metabolic health, reverse certain chronic diseases related to lifestyle (type 2 diabetes, obesity, fatty liver, etc.) and slow down premature aging and the health problems associated with it, like Alzheimer's?


What if eating healthy and being active weren't enough?

We all have the ability to do a metabolic shift, which allows us to alternate between a state of energy storage (fattening), renewal, growth and proliferation, and a state of destocking (losing weight), cleaning, recycling and eliminating what is dysfunctional or toxic, including potentially cancerous cells.

Modern life full of abundance has chronically stuck us in the state of storage and proliferation, which is no longer compensated for. The balance has been disrupted, and this is causing dysfunction, ranging from fatigue and weight gain to cancers and modern chronic diseases whose incidence continues to increase in our society. The absence of this seesaw makes us fat and sick.

Human beings, like all living things, have an ancient mechanism within them that helps eliminate diseased and dysfunctional cells, clean up and burn stored fat. This is called autophagy.

It is only in the last five years that science has understood how this mechanism works and why it should work.

This book, the result of countless hours of research in the scientific literature and clinical experience with several hundred patients, explains how to reactivate the metabolic switch so that you can potentiate autophagy and restore your own balance.