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Miracle Noodle Tengusa Dry Noodle Kanten

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Kanten “dry” pasta is made from the fiber of a sea vegetable called tengusa. Miracle Noodle Kanten is made the natural and traditional way. It’s a painstaking, laborious process to make dry kanten pasta the old-fashioned way. Most kanten noodle producers now use industrial methods that may strip the sea vegetable fiber of its phyto-nutrient content. But Miracle Noodle gets its dry kanten noodles from only traditional cultivators of agar, aka kanten.

Traditional kanten harvesting is a dying art in Japan. Miracle Noodle is proud to support the livelihoods of these artisan craftsmen!

Zero Net Calories

Free of gluten, soy and sugar

Suitable for diabetics

Vegan and vegetarian-friendly

Instantly Ready!



Allergy Information: 

Manufactured in a facility that also processes soy products.