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Nu Life Perfect Beets 100g

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Nu-Life NuLife Perfect Beets (Acai Pomegranate Flavour), 110g

Perfect Beets is your daily dietary nitrate-rich superfood that Boosts your body’s Nitric Oxide production and comes in a great tasting Pomegranate Acai Flavor

Perfect Beets is formulated to give optimum levels of NitricOxide that will provide:


  • Healthy Circulation (8-12 M people suffer from poor circulation, especially those over 50 years of age)*

  • Healthy Blood Pressure Levels (Over 70M American’s have High Blood Pressure – 29%)** That is 1 in every 3 American’s

  • Improved Energy & Stamina

  • In 2012 the UK had their Best Performance finishing 3rd overall in Medals as their athletes were required to drink 3L of Beet Juice per day

Beneficial for heart health maintenance and immune function

  • Natural source of electrolytes, collagen, antioxidants,Vitamin C, essential minerals and fiber

  • Beneficial for energy metabolism, tissue formationand bone development

  • Beneficial the development and maintenance ofbones, joint and cartilage, health

  • Helps metabolize nutrients

  • Helps protect cells against oxidative cell damagecaused by free radicals

  • All the benefits of consuming beets which include detox and cleansing

  • Improves natural energy

  • Promotes improved stamina

  • Boosts circulation by activating nitric oxide withinyour body

  • Regulates healthy blood circulation

  • Non-GMO beet juice powder