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O'Mama Dressing 350ml

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Original Caesar - Dip and dressing

Description: O’mama original Caesar dip/vinaigrette has a unique taste that is made with love to delight your taste buds. A creamy, tasty way to enhance romaine lettuce on its own or topped with your favourite ingredients such as:

  • bacon
  • croutons
  • parmesan cheese

It also pairs well with baked potatoes, fries, Chinese fondue meat, etc.


1 jalapeno pepper - Dip and dressing

Description: A creamy dip with the right amount of spice for all the jalapeno lovers who want to add a bit a heat to their crudités. It’s also perfect to serve with grilled vegetables, as well as meats or seafood.

Try it with a tartar! SIMPLY DELICIOUS!


2 Jalapeno Peppers - Dip and dressing

Description: This dip/vinaigrette offers a bit more jalapeno flavour and is delicious with pizzas, shawarmas, and hamburgers. Set your imagination free and enjoy this flavourful dressing in almost all your dishes.


3 Jalapeno Peppers - Dip and dressing

Description: This is the perfect dressing for anyone who wants to add a spicy kick to their meal. It’s an ideal complement to Italian sausage or can be used as a marinade for wild game meat. It’s also a simple way to beautifully enhance your grilled dishes. Can’t get enough of jalapeno peppers? Use it as a spread in your sandwiches!


“The” Greq - Dip and dressing

Description: Made from delicious ingredients, this vinaigrette/marinade is wonderful in your Greek salads, vegetable salads, and even pasta salads. Use it to marinate your chicken breasts, vegetables and discover a world of flavour on your plate.

Enjoy without moderation


Without preservatives: GMO-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free