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Perdre Du Poid En Mangeant Du Gras Tome 2

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Following the resounding success of Lose Weight by Eating Fat on the Ketogenic, Low-Carb Diet, here is Lose Weight by Eating Fat - Book 2: Keto Everyday.

In addition to offering tasty and satiating recipes, all ketogenic, this book reviews the basics of low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diet, in addition to shedding light on intermittent fasting, body composition (why "healthy weight" is a myth), the hormonal nature of fullness and hunger (how hunger has always prevented you from sustaining any long-term weight loss and how fullness can change everything), cholesterol,

nitrites, sports performance in keto mode, dependence on sugar and refined carbohydrates, the importance of sleep in reversing overweight and type 2 diabetes, as well as the integration of the ketogenic diet in the family (children can they be keto? What to put in their lunches?).