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Perdre Du Poids En Mangeant Du Gras Tome 3

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Huge bestselling books 1 and 2 of Lose Weight by Eating Fat are now the leading low-carb, ketogenic diet reference for thousands of people here and abroad. in the French-speaking world. Did you know that the low-carbohydrate diet was well known in the 1860s in Europe as an effective method for weight loss? Did you also know that in the last century, doctors prescribed the ketogenic diet to children with type 1 diabetes to extend their life expectancy, before the discovery of exogenous insulin? Finally, were you aware that doctors prescribed this same type of food to children with epilepsy before the invention of antiepileptics, and then, subsequently, to those for whom these drugs did not work? In fact, the ketogenic diet is still used as a therapeutic option in major pediatric hospitals around the world today, and thousands of doctors and healthcare professionals are suggesting low-carb or ketogenic diets to their patients. patients with metabolic health problems, such as overweight and obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease, and gout. This is even more true in the current context of COVID-19, which mainly affects people with poor metabolic health.In this third volume containing many scientific references, we discuss the immune system as well as ketone bodies and their therapeutic benefits. recognized. You will learn about the importance of vitamin D, sodium and magnesium, addiction to carbohydrates and processed foods, anti-nutrients, special effects of keto diet in women, fructose, alcohol and fatty liver, keto-vegan and keto-carnivorous diets, type 1 diabetes as well as anything that can influence blood sugar.We also present you a host of delicious recipes that will convince you that eating has never tasted so good and has never been so filling. Take charge of your metabolic health: you have the capacity, and you have nothing to lose to try, but everything to gain!