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The Garlic Box Garlic-Infused Sea Salts

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A premium blend suitable as a cooking & finishing salt. Roasting enhances the sweet, nutty flavour characteristic to Ontario garlic. Select, cold-climate garlic is blended with mineral rich salt extracted from the Dead Sea. Shake the goodness of garlic onto your plate everyday with this natural food product.

Our Canadian scapes are naturally dried to preserve vitamins, minerals and high antioxidant value. Enjoy garlic scapes blended with mineral rich sea salt on everything from eggs to fish and potatoes to vegetables. Garlic Scapes, the flowering stalk of Ontario’s cold-climate garlic, have a sweet, mild garlic and green onion flavour.


Garlic Scape Sea Salt: Coarse sea salt, garlic scapes, silicone dioxide (anti-caking agent).

Roasted Garlic Sea Salt: Roasted garlic, Kosher coarse sea salt.

Epic Garlicky Fry Salt: Coarse sea salt, Ontario garlic, paprika, raw sugar, chili pepper, nutritional yeast, spices.