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Vegan Pure MCT powder 316g

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Introducing Vegan Pure MCT Powder! The perfect solution for those who want all the benefits of liquid MCT oil while enjoying the convenience that only a powder can offer. Vegan Pures MCT Powder is creamy, smooth and will add delicious taste to your coffee and shakes. You'll be fuller longer, and have no spike in blood sugars. No Fillers or Sugars Guarantee-Vegan Pure's MCT Powder contains no fillers, corn starch or other sugars. This means that their MCT Powder has ZERO sugars, just pure MCT fats from coconut.Use their MCT Powder before exercise for a boost of sustained energy, or throughout the day for increased ketone production, healthy fat intake, and to enhance focus. May also be used after eating carbs to help you get back into ketosis quicker.