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Cooking Oils

  • Rockwell"s

    Rockwell Coconut Oil Spray 141ml


    Rockwell’s Organic Coconut Spray Oil is a user friendly premium organic cooking oil. Use it in place of other cooking oils for cooking, baking, roa...

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  • La Tourangelle

    La Tourangelle Oil Spray 147ml

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    Meet La Tourangelle’s premium everyday  cooking oils that bring together pureness of products and sustainable agriculture. Light, versatile and hea...

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  • Maison Orphee

    Maison Orphée Oil 250ml

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    The taste, colour, typicity and health benefits of our oils are preserved because we take the time to cold-extract the best from the oilseeds befor...

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  • Tournevent

    Tournevent Organic Virgin Hemp Oil 500ml


    First cold-pressed organic oil, made from our cultivation of organic hemp seeds processed on site, at Ferme Tournevent.

  • Lee's

    Lee's Ghee Brown Butter

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    Lee’s version of brown butter, nutty and delicious. Enjoy as a spread on a slice of crusty bread, melted on popcorn, or in a hot, butter coffee or ...

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