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Free Shipping with an order of $150 CA


Pasta & Noodles

  • Skinny Mixes

    Its Skinny Pasta 270g


    ENJOY PASTA REIMAGINED -- Open your mind to a fresher way of eating. It’s Skinny is the healthy pasta that gives you all the irresistible goodnes...

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  • Palmini

    Palmini Palm Heart 338g


    Kosher Non GMO Vegan Gluten free   INGREDIENTS Sliced Hearts of Palm, Water, Natural sea salt, Citric Acid.

  • General Nature

    Wonder Noodle 396g


    Wonder Noodles® have zero net carbs and zero calories per serving. Tasty and easy to prepare. Simply a delicious alternative to pasta, for all peop...

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  • Liviva

    Liviva Dry Pasta 200g


    A delicious, satisfying and healthy alternative to traditional pastas. Packed with protein and fiber, this pasta is versatile enough to use in all ...

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  • gimme

    Gimme Roasted Seaweed 23g


    Don’t wrap your rolls in just anything. Made from the highest grade organic seaweed on the planet, our organic sushi nori is premium restaurant q...

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  • Liviva

    Liviva Shirataki With Oat Fiber


    Healthy eating shouldn’t be hard to do. You can eat great meals, that seamlessly fit in your lifestyle – without spending hours in the kitchen. Tha...

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  • HOP

    HOP Heart of Palm Pasta


    HOP is a pasta made completely from hearts of palm! It is entirely plant based and is KETO friendly, low carb, gluten free AND low in calories. Sim...

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  • Sabro Food

    Organic Konjac

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    Root Vegetable Noodles 200g Ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Konjac Flour, Organic Oat Fibre (Juroat), Hydrated Lime (in the water solution). -...

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  • nuPasta



    NuPasta is a low calorie & gluten free pasta. The texture is chewy, similar to al dente pasta (firm to bite).

  • Miracle Noodle

    Miracle Noodle Bone Broth Soup


    With fresh vegetables and a secret blend of herbs, Miracle Noodle Bone Broth Soup is an excellent source of collagen. Low in carbs and high in flav...

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