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Free Shipping with an order of $150 CA


Ready To Eat Pasta Meals

  • Miracle Noodle

    Miracle Noodle Bone Broth Soup


    With fresh vegetables and a secret blend of herbs, Miracle Noodle Bone Broth Soup is an excellent source of collagen. Low in carbs and high in flav...

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  • Sabro Food

    Organic Konjac


    Root Vegetable Noodles 200g Ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Konjac Flour, Organic Oat Fibre (Juroat), Hydrated Lime (in the water solution). -...

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  • Kiss My Keto

    Kiss my Keto Noodle

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    Ingredients Purified Water, Konjac Flour, Limewater.   Directions 1) Drain the water from the package and rinse the noodles in water for 30 seconds...

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  • General Nature

    Wonder Noodle 396g

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    Wonder Noodles® have zero net carbs and zero calories per serving. Tasty and easy to prepare. Simply a delicious alternative to pasta, for all peop...

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