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Spreads & Dips

  • Good Good

    Good Good Spread


    Containing only natural occurring sugars from real fruits, our low-calorie jams have the same sweet taste without the added sugar.   Made With Na...

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  • Nature's Hollow

    Nature's Hollow Fruit Spread


    Our delicious tasting jam was designed to help you reduce excessive sugar and calorie intake from your daily diet. We combine whole fruit with the ...

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  • Pro Spread

    Pro Spread Spread 300g


    We are fully committed to providing healthier-for-you pantry staples. We took a good hard look today’s “health food”. We also taste tested them and...

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  • Walden Farms Canada

    Walden Farms Spread

    Sold out

    Made with concentrated fruit extracts and natural flavors, but no calorie, fat, carbs, gluten or sugars of any kind. Delicious on toast or muffins,...

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  • Nuts n more

    Nuts N More Spread 16oz

    Original Price $13.99
    from $10.69
    Save 24%

    Birthday cake high protein peanut butter spread Now you can have your Birthday Cake and eat it, too. With our happy Birthday Cake flavor. We pumped...

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  • Legendary

    Legendary Foods Spread 340g

    from $11.49

    Legendary Foods Pecan Pie Flavored Almond Butter, 340g INGREDIENTS Almonds, pecans, erythritol. Contains less than 2% of: natural flavours, sea sal...

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  • Noble Bean

    Noble Bean Organic Tempeh

    from $4.05

    Tempeh is fermented soy food that originated on the island of Java in Indonesia. It’s made with a fermentation process that binds soybeans into a c...

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