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Free Shipping with an order of $150 CA
Free Shipping with an order of $150 CA


Sweet Treats

  • Keto Geni - L'avocat du repas

    Simply Delish


    Whip up a delicious keto-friendly treat with Simply Delish Instant Pudding and Jel Dessert! 

  • Ketolat

    Ketolat Organic Chocolate Bars

    from $5.79

    Our chocolate bars are handmade with delicacy in the choice of our ingredients. They are made of 85% cacao and most bars are available in an 85g fo...

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  • Kiss My Keto

    Kiss My Keto Gummies


    Directions Keto gummies are a specialist diet food with a high fat and high fiber content. Going overboard can cause an upset stomach, especially f...

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  • Pur

    Pur Gum 55 Pieces


    A strong and crisp mint flavor that leaves breath feeling fresh for hours! Sweetened with Xylitol, PUR Spearmint is a great tasting gum that KICKS ...

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  • Kiss My Keto

    Kiss My Keto Brownies


    Chewy and fudgy. Made with collagen and pea protein. These brownies are unbelievably delicious, you’ll forget that you’re on a low-carbohydrate die...

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  • Protein & Co

    Protein & Co Protein Bars


    Enjoy the protein you need to fuel your body from sun-up to sun-down with protein bars from Protein & Co. Each bar is deliciously made with fif...

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